Also, a hot summer came this year.

Also, a hot summer came this year. I would like to go out for a domestic trip somewhere to relax. In terms of domestic travel, it is common to book through a window of a travel agency or a website on the Internet. From all over Japan you can introduce places where you can eat delicious things, places to put in hot springs, seas and rivers, mountains and other scenery and tourist facilities. Japan thinks that the land is narrow and there are new discoveries every time of travel. Nonetheless, it is certain that it is a travel too much fitted to the package of a travel agency, but there are times when it is also interesting. Although there may be some disappointment, is not it a pleasure of traveling to steer a foot to a land that has never been done? There are risks rather than visiting tourist sites, but there is something irritating. If possible, I would like to spend time with the people of the land slowly on land that is not touristic.

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